Taxonlink Lines

Taxon Tram System Edit

Blue The "Metior" Line
Purple The "Prosectus" Line
Pink The "Transverto" Line
Green The "Orbis" Line

The Taxonlink is an impeccably punctual tram service that brings easy and convenient travel to all our excellent residents. The trams themselves are state-of-the-art, extremely shiny, environmentally friendly and virtually noiseless. Tram stops are placed at regular intervals along roadsides, on raised platforms where passengers can get on and off. No location is further than 15 mins walk from a tram stop.

Trams run to the end of each line and back again in a continual shuttle service, with the exception of the Orbis line, which just keeps going round and round infinitely. A full circumnavigation of Taxon on the Orbis line has a duration of 45 mins. At the end of each line there's a tram depot, where one must get off, and there are six depots in total.

Trams run on a 24-hour basis, so you're never too late or too early. Eerily, they don't have drivers, although they do have conductors (invariably an Extra), who will ask each passenger for their destination and then issue a ticket accordingly. The tickets are free though, and therefore mostly pointless- though it does mean that everyone's journeys are recorded and monitored... make of that what you will.

Have a safe journey!


These are Taxon Trams!

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