The Aliens
"Hello citizens! Hellooo!"
Canon: Taxon-specific Original
Arrival date: April 15, 2009
Programmed Possession: The Whole City
Age: idek
Journal: taxcollectors
Tag: + aliens
Player: Your Mods

The aliens in charge of Taxon try to stay as hands-off as possible, but that's not always an option for them when their citizens get into trouble or they need to conduct a quality survey.

For the most part, aliens that have appeared tend to favor a non-threatening appearance, namely as giant hamsters, hence the aliens typically being referred to as such. The hamsters first appeared after the Tenth Doctor nearly blew the city to kingdom come. The two hamsters scolded him publicly and commended characters on the tremendous pathos of the situation, implying it was very entertaining to everyone upstairs. They also mentioned that they took the form of giant hamsters in order to put the citizens at ease, because fluffy animals are cute and adorable. They tend to show up when aliens gather with the citizens and as a part of item petitions.

There are also visits from the Sheriff and his assistant Barney. They first appeared when Party Poison and Kobra Kid were throwing molotovs at the city and at the Extra population. Apparently charged with keeping 'law and order' in Taxon, although it may quickly become apparent that however nice the Sheriff sounds, his idea of what requires his involvement and what doesn't may vary wildly from what citizens think should be dealt with. He has an incompetent deputy whom he refers to as Barney.

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