Owned by Character Jason Blood
Owned by Player The Mods

The shop is public, but there are private rooms in the back.

Damage Permissions

Ask first.

Current Residents

None presently.

A magic shop in Taxon, currently staffed by Jason Blood. It was originally opened by Tara Maclay and Ethan Rayne. There is a picture of the two of them near the cash register.

Things you may be able to purchase or ask Jason about here:

  • Components for spells and potions
  • Magical items that will work for non-magic users (protective amulets, cures for the effects of certain spells/potions, etc.)
  • Occasional made-to-order magic items or potions (with some OOC planning)
  • Dried herbs of various sorts
  • Marijuana (this is Ethan's fault)
  • Certain books on supernatural topics
  • Divinations-- Jason will do tarot readings and other such things

There are also some rooms in the back and on the second floor, which can perhaps be used for meeting and/or workspaces.

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