Owned by Character Sherlock Holmes
Owned by Player Gabe

Private (Sherlock's residence); Public (the rest of the building)

Damage Permissions

Ask and ye shall receive!

Current Residents

Sherlock Holmes

Rooftop overview

The rooftop garden

Placeholder for info about Sherlock's residence, interior pictures and more info forthcoming. Summary: It's a combined top floor flat/rooftop garden on top of a 15-story high-rise on the outskirts of Osten, wedged at the junction of the Prosectus and Orbis tram lines. The private residence itself consists of the indoor living quarters on the top floor and the garden, furniture, and laboratory space on the roof: the rest of the building is open to the public.

The flat and garden are accessible both by a pair of elevators, fifteen flights of stairs, and the fire escape. However, a somewhat paranoid and electronically savvy Sherlock has access to the control panel to the elevator system and will turn them off at night and/or when desirous of controlling access to the building.

It provides an excellent, or psychologically unsettling, view of Taxon, depending on how you look at it.

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