Owned by Character Helen Magnus
Owned by Player Kerry

Private Residence

Damage Permissions

Yes (with permission)

Current Residents

Helen Magnus, James Watson, Ashley Magnus

Old City Sanctuary 01

The SanctuaryEdit


The Old City Sanctuary is the headquarters for the Global Sanctuary Network, housing head of the Network Helen Magnus, her team and patients. The complex is built in a neogothic architectural style that is of her father's design. Its large structure, encompassing a chapel along with underground catacombs, allows for a large number of guest rooms along with specialised habitats for certain patients. The Sanctuary also houses an extensive medical wing and morgue. There are many levels within the Sanctuary, with certain levels being used for the residents which require a greater amount of security - for example the SHU. Protecting the Sanctuary is an electromagnetic shield, something which prevents teleporters from accessing the Sanctuary or teleporting within it whilst it is active. The Sanctuary features a rather antequated elevator system (from the 1950's), high security (and hard to penetrate) interior doors, a large security system (including perimeter sensors and an auto-destruct) and the building's original room to room intercom system.

The areas within the Sanctuary which are most used are Helen's office, the library, the main floor and the medical wing.

The Sanctuary is located in Osten (D8, C3)

Helen's OfficeEdit

The LibraryEdit

The Main FloorEdit

The Medical WingEdit

The HallwaysEdit

The Guest RoomsEdit

The Tech LabEdit

The SHUEdit

The ExteriorEdit


Sanctuary TechEdit


  • 1912: Helen Magnus had the Old City Sanctuary built, using this as the headquarters for the Global Sanctuary Network
  • 1951: Bigfoot arrived at the Sanctuary, initially as a patient but was later made part of Helen's staff
  • 1998: The North Tower underwent renovation work
  • 2008: The Sanctuary comes under threat by the Cabal after they inadvertantly 'steal' the Morrigan from their crypt. This places the Sanctuary on the Cabal's radar
  • 2009: The Sanctuary is attacked by the Cabal's 'Superabnormals', lead by Ashley Magnus



Old CityEdit


  • Sally
  • Steve
  • Two-Faced Guy
  • Nubbins
  • Fire elemental
  • Kitapholus drocena
  • Lotus Elk
  • Northern Halcylops
  • Pradophili
  • Ralphie
  • Seroslug
  • Lizard Man
  • The fairy


The Old City Sanctuary


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