From barrier to barrier, Taxon is roughly 750 square miles (1,943 km²). For a real-life example of the size, see Karnes County, Texas. As represented on the map, the areas with more roads and buildings can be assumed to have the heavier concentration of man-made structures and Extras, while clearer areas are more natural and sparsely populated.

Coordinates are translated as:

LETTERNUMBER (from the larger squares), LETTERNUMBER (from the smaller squares within the larger square).


The Sanctuary - E5,C3

Stave Church - F6,A1

April Rhodes Civic Pavillion - D6,D2

The Birdhouse - F5,A3

Dan Dreiberg's Basement - D4,D3

Frye Ranch - E5,B4

James Herald Hotel Rooms - D5,B2

The Jeffersonian Institute - F4,A3

Luthor Plaza - E6,D2

Martha's Surgery - F5,C2

Wyatt Cain's Residence - D6,D1


Taxon Hotel - F4,D1

Taxon Mall - E3,C2

The Dodgy Jammer - E3,B3

Faith Lehane's Apartment F2,A4

Gilbert-Sommers Home - G3,A3

New Directions Choir Room - E4,A3

True Blood Nest - D2,C4

Old Fell's Church - F3,D2

Paul Smecker's Residence - H4,A2

Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Offices - F3,C3

USS Enterprise - G2,C2


Taxon Forest - A3,B4-D4; A4,all; B4,A1-4

Taxon Zoo - C3,C4

Connor's Loft - C5,C4

Crashdown Café - D4,C3

Hedge Maze - C3,A1

Mattie's Apartment - B4,B4

Sunnydale High School Library - C5,A1

Sunnydale Playground - C2,C2

Tamper and Trick - B4,C4

The Northern Island - C4,B2


Planetarium - D7,B1

Taxon Library - E6,D4

The Academy - F7,C3

Castle Summers - E8,D4

Elisa's Apartment - E6,D1

Hotel Carmilla - E7,B1

Langwe and Gale's Mechanical - C7,D3

The Hyperion Hotel - C6,C4

Mystic Grill - D8,B2

Narvin's Office - F7,D3


Pedestrian Plaza - G5,A4

The Bazaar - F4,D4

Amy's House - G5,A4

Christopher's Shack - H6,A1

Fitz's Flat - F6,B3

Jason's House - F4,D4

Salvatore Boarding House - G6,D4

Serenity - I5,A2

Sookie's House - F4,D4

St. Austell's Field - G7,C2

Bodies of WaterEdit

Lake Whitman

Kahlo River (Northern)

Waterhouse River (Southern)

Bronte Beach

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