Owned by Character N/A
Owned by Player Mods

Public Building, though the rooms count as private areas

Damage Permissions

Yes! Remember, ask a mod if the damage is huge.

Current Residents

Mayland Long

The Kelebek Hotel is a 36-room hotel carved into the stone of a cave structure. It is a full-featured hotel with amenities such as a Turkish bath, a swimming pool, and a restaurant. (The original exists in Turkey on Earth. More photos (especially of the rooms) may be found there.)

Rooms are available at no cost to Taxon residents, much like lodging in the rest of the city-- pick a room and its yours. The Kelebek Hotel is one of the many alternatives to the Sanctuary available for characters who find the Sanctuary's environs a little sterile but aren't looking for a full house of their own.


The rooms of the Kelebek Hotel are spread out through the structure, carved into the rock. Most were expansions of naturally-occurring cavern spaces.

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