Every now and again, the aliens either want to shake things up a bit or something goes a little wrong in the programming. Characters in Taxon have taken to referring to events like this as 'glitches.' They can be large events that effect the entire city, or small blips that only effect a single character.


Below are lists of glitches that hit the city as a whole, divided into potential glitches (those that have been suggested by players as well as some that were thought up by mods) and past glitches (those that have already happened in the city).


These are the glitches that could be. Feel free to edit this page and add your own suggestions here.

  • A Mid-season Night’s Dream: The aliens will play Puck and have characters falling head over heels for whoever they see first. If you've ever read the play, you know that heartbreak and follies await. Possibly also catfights.
  • Dinosaurs: And then there was the time Taxon turned into Jurassic Park... This would be a full-on city glitch with buildings changing/disappearing to be replaced by T-Rex and his buddies.
  • Stranger Than Fiction: Characters are followed around by a disembodied Voice that narrates their life, from what they think to what will happen to them. Because the aliens are jerks.
  • Badfic Attack: Being the worst possible version of yourself is so much fun. The glitch for you if you want your character to end up an angel-demon-unicorn hybrid that went to Hogwarts and is friends with everyone while having the absolute shiniest hair to ever shine.
  • Everybody Get Tiny: While we know everyone is a kid at heart, the aliens take that a step too far and make people actually kids. They can either be physically tiny and mentally tiny (as per usual), or only one or the other. Mix it up, Tiny Taxon, and hope you don't run out of juice boxes.
  • Stop Being Polite: Purely for the entertainment value, characters will be transported into different reality tv shows, from The Real World to Wipeout. Or maybe even Jeopardy!
  • Invasion: There's something (either canon-specific like Daleks, something random, or ALL THE THINGS) is coming, and it wants to EXTERMINATE YOUR FACE.
  • Groundhog Day: Somehow, the city gets stuck on repeat. There will be people that notice, people that don’t, and then at the end of the day something horrible happens.
  • School Daze of Our Lives: Hey, remember that time everyone in Taxon got turned into a highschooler at Taxon High? And some people were nerds, others drama dorks, and some Cool Kids? And then it was like Mean Girls Meets Clueless: Boarding School Edition. (Ftr the burnouts hang on that grassy knoll.)
  • Opposite Day: Your nerdy character becomes a professional hockey player, your high society spoiled princess becomes blue collar trailer trash, your shy wallflower becomes a rock star.
  • Happily Ever After: Taxon residents become fairy tale character types -- handsome prince, dragon-slaying knight, princess in a tower, etc.
  • Time-Warp Again: Only this time is the 1920’s, so get your hair bobbed and your bootlegging on!
  • Seven: For a period of time characters will embody, with varying levels of intensity, some of the seven deadly sins or holy virtues. Chaos ensues.
  • EM-ergency: Taxon wide EM pulse that knocks out all of the electronics including the tablets? And then... who knows, something bad always happens in the dark, right? Candles and pow wows and cr building :)
  • If You Could Read My Mind: A telepathy glitch! Not full-blown telepathy, and it wouldn't work over the tablets but any really strong emotions or thoughts in person would be 'read' by those around. Obviously they'd have to be marked in tags, because obviousness, but... :D Can you really keep your true thoughts hidden? Oh. And they'd have consequences. I'm thinking like the Star Trek: Voyager episode where they craved violent thoughts and then ended up being violent. So whatever those thoughts/feelings were? Those around you might (later) end up acting on them. The stronger the feeling the stronger the need to act them is (you can't stop yourself from doing so either)
  • Silence, please: The Gentlemen come to town. Ahem. [[1]]
  • We Could Be Heroes: Heroes plot. Something happens, everyone gets a power. (Even if they already have one like the vampires? Maybe?) Sillies ensues?
  • The One Where You Wish You Could Speak Esperanto: Taxon's language translators FAIL. I mean... not everyone naturally speaks English (or even the same form of English) right? Those lucky multilinguists will have a fun job on their hands.

It's All Been DoneEdit

And here's a list of glitches gone by. If there's one we've missed, feel free to edit it and a small summary of what happened in here!


MAY '09 - NIGHT SKY, illusion went out, saw cave, was day again

JUNE '09 - WORDS, wordswords link

JULY '09 - EXTRAS, aliens put in extras

AUGUST '09 - LIAR LIAR, characters unable to lie

SEPTEMBER '09 - JOINED AT THE HIP, characters stuck together

OCTOBER '09 - HALLOWEEN, spectres, hauntings, costumes, titmonkeys

NOVEMBER '09 - WORDS, wordswords link

DECEMBER '09 - HOLIDAY SPIRIT, wreathes, mistletoe, tree, buddy the elf

JANUARY '10 - ALIENS TALK, survey by voices over the tablets

FEBRUARY '10 - VALENTINES, aliens leave chocolate gifts for all citizens

MARCH '10 - ST. PATRICK'S, only hatch green things, beer | HOUSE PARTY, five-ish characters stuck in a house together

APRIL '10 - EGGS, condom and candy filled eggs all over the city

MAY '10 - ONCE MORE WITH EXTRAS, musical glitch

JUNE '10 - SYSTEM FAILURE, city nearly dies, they find old taxon

JULY '10 - WORDS, wordswords link

AUGUST '10 - LIAR LIAR 2, characters unable to lie

SEPBEMBER '10 - KNOWLEDGE IS POWER, mameshiba beans invade

OCTOBER '10 - BODYSWAP, characters switch bodies | HALLOWEEN, headless horseman

NOVEMBER '10 - PLEASANTVILLE, stuck in the '50's

DECEMBER '10 - HOLIDAY SPIRIT, decorations, mistletoe, tree, snow | SANTA, gave gifts

JANUARY '11 - EAT DRINK AND BE GLITCHED, food dependent modifications

FEBRUARY '11 - ZOMBIES, undead horde

MARCH '11 - RADIOS BEGIN, wordswords link

APRIL '11 - FOURTH WALL, sudden influx of new characters

MAY '11 - LANGUAGE BARRIERS, voices disappear, english is hard

JUNE '11 - LOCKED IN, characters stuck in the sanctuary while map redone

JULY '11 - HIDDEN REFLECTIONS, mirrors do things, other things do others link



Do you want to do a glitch for your character, but have no idea what to do? Feel free to take an idea from here! If you have an idea not currently listed, edit it in to share with other players!

  • AU: Is there another role the actor your character was played by that you want to mess around with? A 'what if' scenario canon didn't explore? One that canon did explore?
  • Personality Shift: Give your character a day or two to be what they never were. The crass become demure and the docile become a hurricane of horrors.
  • Tiny-fied: Make your character a smaller, younger version of themselves in body and/or mind.
  • Species Switch: Turn your character into a vampire, or give them a power, or take some powers away.

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