Owned by Character Glitch
Owned by Player Keri

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Operating as Langwe and Gale's Mechanical, the workshop is in southern Osten and utilizes a space much like an abandoned factory which has been gingerly restored by a steampunk enthusiast. Up front are shelves displaying parts and tools, further back are worktables and behind those is a large open space for bigger projects and vehicles (and dancing, apparently). There are stairs leading up to an elevated office/lounge and more leading to catwalks above. Everything is illuminated by sunlight streaming in through high windows, augmented by electric lighting. Water, electricity and gas lines are all functional and while basic chemistry and physics lab equipment is available all of it is a bit antiquated.

The shop does sell parts and tools, but for the less mechanically inclined the staff can conceivably tackle just about any project put before them. That said, if a gadget doesn't exist Glitch can be commissioned to try and create something with his mad steampunk scientist skills.


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