Emma is a university student who divides her time between England and the US and who’s love for cheap science fiction featuring bubble wrap monsters is outshone only by her love for cheap British science fiction featuring bubble wrap monsters and a certain blue police box. (She’s also developing a new fondness for talking about herself in third person, but we'll have to see where that goes.) Other loves - the ones that aren't related to bats and her degree, anyway - include reading anything that will stay still long enough, Gargoyles, strange remakes of classic children's books and the Jossverse.

AIM: atravenenum


Personal Journal: Dreamwidth and Livejournal

Plurk: atraphoenix


DG [Tin Man]Edit

Mischievous Smile (dreamsrundry)

Programmed Possession: The Northern Island

Drusilla (AU) [Buffy the Vampire Slayer]Edit

Completely Mad (ladymanson)

Programmed Possession: Sunnydale Playground

Martha Jones [Doctor Who]Edit

I Am Good (brontide)

Programmed Possession: Project Indigo

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