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Canon: Tin Man
Arrival date: 23 April 2012
Programmed Possession: The Brain Room
Age: 27
Journal: Azkadellia
Tag: comm tag
Player: Will

Arrival In TaxonEdit

DG reaches for Azkadellia. She takes her sister's hand and the witch is expelled from her. Then she finds herself in Taxon, alone and without DG once more. Or so she thought.

Life beforeEdit

Much of Azkadellia's life is bisected by the time she was possessed. As a child she was bright and inquisitive, though a bit shy. Her sister was the adventurous one and, together, they explored the O.Z. as best they could.

The possession changed everything and while it wasn't Azkadellia doing the deeds, she now deals with the guilt of everything from Glitch's brain surgery to her sister's death and even, to a degree, all Cain has endured. Yet she pushes on, seeing what happened after she was separated from the witch as a new chance. Here in Taxon. With those she cares about most in the world.


Since arriving in Taxon, Azkadellia has been reunited with her sister, as well as her childhood mentor, Glitch. She's done her best to make a life for herself here, despite there being a brain room with Glitch's brain just off her living room.

More to come as she progresses.

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